Our Mission & Vision

Our mission
is to work together
as "one team" in the
pursuit of excellence.

Our Values

Acting as a whole, strong ethics is a priority for each of us, being that we are all representing the behavior and reputation of First Lineage.


It’s not simply the best policy – it is a fundamental business practice to conduct oneself in an open and trustworthy manner that earns the confidence of coworkers, customers, and members of the public.


Treating everyone with the respect that they all deserve and expect.


Accepting responsibility for all actions (and inactions) is how we build trust with you and ourselves.


Promise to Customers.
We seek to create lasting relationships by establishing expectations, meeting or exceeding them, being competent, and doing things now.


Diversity and Inclusion.
Organizations succeed by incorporating a variety of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity and respect.


Continuing Education.
No one has all the answers. A culture of humility and continuous learning is a bedrock principle of successful companies.


When people collaborate, they often produce something greater than the sum of their parts.


Having a passion for what we do as well as the people in our lives so that everyone can be daring, innovative, and creative. Be bold.


The craftsmanship of our interactions and services must allow everyone to pursue the greatest levels of excellence.